Make the latest fashion trends all your own with Australian label Dazie. Designed with young women in mind, every collection offers affordable pieces inspired by the street style set that will take you from dawn til dusk and beyond. From floral dresses to crop tops and covetable footwear too, you'll find everything your wardrobe - and your next night out - needs from Dazie.

- Faux suede upper; smooth

- Beige-grey shade

- Open toe

- Slim double strap across the toes

- Self lace-up ankle; ties have silver-toned aglets

- 11.5cm stiletto heel

Heel Height: 11.500

Inner: Synthetic

Sole: Synthetic

Upper: Textile



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Lace Krystal Dazie Up ICONIC Heels EXCLUSIVE qPxffwtY

In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.




  • I minimized
  • you minimized
  • he/she/it minimized
  • we minimized
  • you minimized
  • they minimized

Present continuous

  • I am minimizing
  • you are minimizing
  • he/she/it is minimizing
  • we are minimizing
  • you are minimizing
  • they are minimizing
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Present perfect

  • I have minimized
  • you have minimized
  • he/she/it has minimized
  • we have minimized
  • you Heels Lace Up ICONIC EXCLUSIVE Krystal Dazie haveminimized
  • they have minimized


  • I will minimize
  • you will minimize
  • he/she/it will minimize
  • we will minimize
  • you Krystal Heels EXCLUSIVE ICONIC Up Lace Dazie willminimize
  • they Heels ICONIC Dazie Up Krystal EXCLUSIVE Lace willminimize

Future perfect

  • I will have minimized
  • you will have minimized
  • he/she/it will have minimized
  • we will have minimized
  • you will have minimized
  • they will have minimized
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Past continuous

  • I was minimizing
  • you were minimizing
  • he/she/it was minimizing
  • we were minimizing
  • you were minimizing
  • they were minimizing

Past perfect

  • I had minimized
  • you had minimized
  • he/she/it had minimized
  • we had minimized
  • you had minimized
  • they had minimized

Future continuous

  • I will be minimizing
  • you will be minimizing
  • he/she/it will be minimizing
  • we will be minimizing
  • you will be minimizing
  • they will be minimizing

Present perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been minimizing
  • you Krystal Heels Dazie Up Lace EXCLUSIVE ICONIC hadbeen minimizing
  • he/she/it EXCLUSIVE Dazie Heels ICONIC Krystal Lace Up hadbeen minimizing
  • we had been minimizing
  • you had been minimizing
  • they had been minimizing

Future perfect continuous


  • minimize
  • let's Dazie Up Krystal ICONIC Lace Heels EXCLUSIVE minimize
  • minimize

Heels Krystal ICONIC Dazie EXCLUSIVE Lace Up Participle


  • minimizing


  • minimized


  • Lace Krystal ICONIC Dazie Heels EXCLUSIVE Up tominimize

Up Heels Lace Dazie ICONIC Krystal EXCLUSIVE Perfect Participle

  • having minimized
minimize verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons.
Search the definition and the translation in context for “ minimize”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication.
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