Waxy Brown VR610 2011 Dealer EN20345 S1P Boot Size Stallion 10 V12 OEtnFqE
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Made with oiled brown hide, the Stallion is a premium dealer boot. The design includes a steel midsole and composite toecap for daylong comfort as well as protection. There is also a strong pull loop for quick and easy wear. Upper: Water resistant and breathable. Waxy crazy horse leather. Reinforced stitching and one piece leather pull on loop. Bound top band and fully elasticated leather �wipe clean� side panel. Lining: Padded, moisture wicking and highly breathable. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Footbed: VS100 twin shock absorbing footbed is contoured to supports and cradle the foot. Toecap: Wide fitting composite non sparking and thermal insulating. Tested to impact of 200 Joules. Protective midsole: Flexible corrosion resistant steel, pierce resistant to 1100N. Sole: 3D - a clever combination of 3 densities of polyurethane and Rubber. Ensures high slip, heat and abrasion resistance as well as comfort. Multi-directional tread ensures good traction in a variety of conditions. Heat resistant to approximately 300�C.

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Waxy Brown VR610 2011 Dealer EN20345 S1P Boot Size Stallion 10 V12 OEtnFqE

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Perissodactyls are herbivorous (plant-eating). The plants they eat depend on what is available in the region in which they live. Tapirs eat leaves, twigs, fallen fruit, and aquatic vegetation. Rather than eat entire plants, they consume just a few leaves from a plant and move on.

Using their upper lip to grab plants, rhinos prefer woody or grassy vegetation. They will eat fruit occasionally, but leafy greens are their favorite food. Because of their size, rhinos eat a large amount of food and drink a large amount of water almost daily. The African species, however, can live for up to five days without water if their food is moist. While black rhinos will eat bushes and trees, the white rhino prefers short grasses.

Horses eat primarily grasses, but they will also eat bark, leaves, fruits, and roots. Wild asses have adapted to their drier environment and are able to graze the desert. Horses spend 60 to 80 percent of every twenty-four hours foraging (browsing or grazing). Although most horses can go without water for three days, zebras must drink frequently. Some are able to dig waterbeds with their hooves.

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