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Puma Axis 2 Womens Running Trainers - Shoes - Grey  The Puma Axis 3 Running Shoes aim to deliver a comfortable performance whilst running, benefiting from ArchTech technology which provides you with a supportive, natural feel to your running stride, coupled with a breathable, mesh upper The running shoes also feature an ecoOrtholite insole for a comfortable, supportive fit, teamed with moulded overlay for added durability and are complete with the classic Puma Cat emblem to the outer side  Cushioned, shaped ankle collar ArchTech technology ecoOrtholie insole Mesh upper Moulded overlays Puma logos Flex grooves

Running Shoes White Womens 2 Axis Puma Trainers Puma

Womens 2 Trainers Axis Running Puma Shoes Puma White Eq56C4wnx


to weary



Past participle


Other forms: weary oneself/not weary

Puma White Trainers Puma Axis Running Shoes 2 Womens

In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.



  • I weary
  • you weary
  • he/she/it wearies
  • we weary
  • you Puma Womens Shoes Puma Axis 2 Trainers White Running weary
  • they weary


  • I wearied
  • you wearied
  • he/she/it wearied
  • we wearied
  • you wearied
  • they wearied

Present continuous

  • I am wearying
  • Trainers Womens 2 Puma Puma White Shoes Running Axis youare wearying
  • he/she/it is wearying
  • we are wearying
  • you are wearying
  • they are wearying

Present perfect


Future perfect

  • I will have wearied
  • you will have wearied
  • he/she/it will have wearied
  • we will have wearied
  • you will have wearied
  • they will have wearied

Past continuous

  • I was wearying
  • you were wearying
  • he/she/it was wearying
  • we were wearying
  • you were wearying
  • Running Puma Shoes Trainers 2 White Axis Puma Womens theywere wearying

Past perfect

Future continuous

Present perfect continuous

  • I have Puma Axis White 2 Shoes Womens Running Trainers Puma beenwearying
  • you have been wearying
  • Puma Axis White Womens Shoes Puma Running 2 Trainers he/she/ithas Puma Shoes Running Womens Axis 2 White Trainers Puma beenwearying
  • we have been wearying
  • you have been wearying
  • they have been wearying

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been wearying
  • you had been wearying
  • he/she/it had been wearying
  • we had been wearying
  • you had been wearying
  • they had been wearying
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Future perfect continuous


  • weary
  • let's weary
  • weary


Womens Axis Running White Trainers Shoes Puma 2 Puma Present

  • wearying

Puma Axis 2 Shoes White Womens Puma Running Trainers Past

  • wearied


  • to weary

Perfect Participle

  • having wearied
weary verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons.
Search the definition and the translation in context for “ weary”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication.
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